August 12th 2015

A Guidebook to Ethanol

Ethanol is produced, via biological processes, by fermenting sugars with yeast, with the goal to maximise the alcohol strength and minimise the impurities through dehydration and distillation processes. The guidebook explains production processes, applications, grades, typical packaging for international shipping and other practical insights.

February 19th 2015

A Guidebook to Olives and Olive Oil

Olives, eaten as table fruit or pressed to make oil, have more than 700 different varieties. Olive oil, one of the oldest fruit oils, is also one of the most robust, natural and healthy oil. This Guidebook is our sincere attempt to help buyers make smart choices, and understand where they are grown, how they are processed, what grades they do come in, what they are used for, which packaging solutions are optimal.

August 15th 2014

Letter of Credit, Explained!

Letter of Credit is a secure and extensively used payment method in international trade. LC has balanced risks for importers and exporters because responsibility of LC operations lies with banks as third parties.

September 18th 2012

A Guidebook to Wheat and Wheat Flour