Our Business

We Supply
  • Ethanol (all grades)
  • Ethyl Acetate (food / pharma grade)
  • Other Chemicals & Solvents (food, pharma, industrial)
  • Grains and Grain products – Wheat, Rice (Basmati and Non-Basmati), Corn, Barley, Wheat flour, and Flour of multiple grains
  • Oils, Oilseeds and Oilseed products (including edible oils and meals)
  • Cotton
  • Sugar


We produce a range of food/pharma/industrial grade laboratory chemicals and agricultural products. Our facilities also support end-users who have special requirements of specific blending, testing and re-packaging of final products, such as ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, xylene, formaldehyde, base perfumes/aromatic compounds etc.


We work with local farmers, farming co-operatives, processing plants, local exporters and global merchants to source premium quality products at the most competitive prices.


Our highly dedicated team is supported by extensive export network and production / processing asset owners. Our marketing efforts ensure that our supplies reaches demand promptly, and that our commitment to high quality of service does not suffer at any stage starting from purchasing, storage, handling, processing, packaging to final distribution.


We work with several specialized packaging solutions companies, equipment suppliers, cargo carriers, and airline and shipping companies, to meet our promise of timely, secure and efficient delivery. Our skills and expertise is adapted to make every package suitable to the end client’s specific requirements.


Our customers include the processing industry (food, animal feed, consumer products), cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, local importers and government purchasing entities. Our network, competence and attitude ensure continuity of supplies that our customers can depend on.