About Us

At a glance…
  • We have a strong history as a successful commodities supplier. We are a financially sound and robust organisation, with excellent credit history, with our head office in London (UK) and main distributioon hub in Dubai (UAE). We are backed by Blackswan International – a financial institution with interests in securities trading, investment structuring and private equity.

  • We produce, source, market, package and distribute chemicals and ethanol, grains and flours, oils and oilseeds, at global scale.

  • We own strategic assets, and work with a wide network of buyers, suppliers, storages, handling and processing facilities in key locations, worldwide.

  • We have long-standing relationships with financiers, insurers, local importers/exporters, processing industry and purchasing entities.

  • We maintain banking facilities with major banks in the UK, Dubai and Singapore, who have professional and service oriented attitude towards trade facilitation.

  • We have in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and right attitude to deliver customized service to each client’s need. Our team experience is built around subject-matter expertise and experiences of senior professionals, who have worked in or retired from banking, insurance, engineering, plant management, operational scientists and farming

  • We have a team of highly dedicated and motivated professionals, working round the clock at key locations worldwide, to attend to our clients’ needs.

  • Our focus is to create value and exceed our clients’ expectations. We aggressively pursue a policy to listen to and advise clients where necessary, and continue meaningful and authentic conversation with clients after successful delivery of goods.

  • Our legacy is synonymous with high quality of service, including premium quality products at the most competitive prices, and assurance of prompt and secure delivery to the end client.

  • We promote sustainability at every step of our value chain.

  • To pay our debt to our society, we support and donate to charitable organisations in education and healthcare of poor and vulnerable children and mothers.